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Project Custard

Hello there! Yes welcome to my little hovel of despair. I'm Titan webs Evil pyschiatrist to the Gods. Thats right! You too will soon know the secrets of creating Eden's most utterly demonic, ugly and quite possibley fat creature ever! You too shall have the villagers running for cover whenever they see your creature stamping towards them, screaming "Holy Shit! Here comes that fat, oversized and utterly demonic demon Zebra/Sheep/Cow/(insert stupid creature here). Hide the children! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " Oh yes indeed! Of course, I couldn't do all of this research by myself, so I've hired a hugely fat cow called Custard. While I am worried about her lack of udder and her horns (she is a laydee) Im sure she is the perfect test subject for my plans. The right amount of abuse here, and loving care here, she'll soon be stamping on children with ease.
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