Memory Tweak

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I am running B&W on a below-spec system, and have managed to get it running nearly perfectly: acceptable graphics quality, good stability, with a decent framerate.

Here is my system:

PIII 533mhz, 256M Ram, WinXP, Geforce 5500 (Overclocked)

Anyway, Upon first install of the game, I had about 5-30 minutes of play, upon which I got a Windows crash (BSoD, auto-reboot). After yesterday's patch, I installed that, and then (still getting the problems, probably meaning my lack of memory) I edited the system.ini file (In B&W2's directory), To make the engine scale back memory usage a little bit. It worked.

Changes were thus:








This lists the changed numbers, from the default of the file. ***Remember: ALWAYS back up your data before modifying files!*** The ratios can be adjusted higher or lower, as per your own desire/need. I haven't tested lower values, but be advised that setting them too low may make the game not work, or have other negative results.

This may be useful for those who like me aren't quite ready to scrape together the money for a newer system, but would still like to play B&W2. No guarentees, obviously, but it worked for me. Those with faster systems may also find this to be useful, in order to maximise the game's performance.

Finally, understand that I take no responsability for what anyone does with this information. Furthermore, I have no affiliation with Lionhead studios and these measures are not reccommended by them, Modifying your game files may also mean that they cannot offer you proper technical support. I am simply providing this information here in the hopes that other people may find it useful and increase their enjoyment and understanding of the game.