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26/07/2001 01:07 - SchizoSlayer
Well project FilLuP Live was a major failure. Firstly the software I was using to broadcast failed halfway through the event crashing my computer in the process. So this has ment that I have not completed the first year of FilLuPs life and so have nothing to update.

However all is not bad news at TitanWeb. I will soon be adding CREED to the site in a nice new searchable format. For those of you who do not know what CREED is it is a document that covers creature training in more detail than we have so far. Although we were the first to start research complications arose which meant that research could not continue at the pace CREED's has. That should be up in the next week or so.

Not only am I putting up CREED but TitanWeb is now working in conjunction with it's creator Tal-N to research all the aspects of BW that have not yet been covered. Hopefully this means that we will crack the game even faster and provide you withthe best infomation possible. Watch this space.

22/07/2001 18:46 - SchizoSlayer
Ha! look at that two updates in three days. I'm getting better :) Well as I said before project FilLuP will be going live TONIGHT! Yes at 9pm GMT Sunday the 22nd of July I will conduct the first hour and a half of project FilLuP online. You can watch the whole thing here on titanweb at a glorius 2 frames a minute! Remember that if you spot something funny or want to edit any picture just save it off and email it to me. The best one will go on the frontpage until the next event. Just click the "LIVE!" link on the menu bar.

20/07/2001 23:11 - SchizoSlayer
I did it again didn't I? Bollocks. Oh well. Even with the new staff we haven't had much to report. What with various patches being released and motherboards exploding BW hasn't been on all our minds recently. Although that said my computer is now back upto spec (640 Megs RAM ooooh Yeah) and I've started playing BW online. If you see a SchizoSlayer online then yes it is me :)

Well there have been a few minor changes to the site, new counter and headlines section on the front page. Oh and I joined the BW top 50. Go on, vote for us :)

The future is bright, the future is orange/egg shaped. I have plans for some very interesting features. You will have noticed that Project FilLuP has not taken off yet. This is for a very good reason. And when I think of it I'll let you know. That said it has given me opertunity to play with some ideas. Like putting my training sessions online. Yes you will be able to watch me train FilLuP LIVE at a fabulous 3 frames a minute. Okay so my modem sucks. This will also give me another chance to make the site more active. Those of you who tune in for the shows can take part in a caption contest. If you see a shot that you want to caption or just edit, save it, mail it to me and fame and glory shall be yours. The most imaginitive and laugh out loud funny entries shall win. Failing that the ones of creatures pooping willl :)

Thats about it for now. I'm not promising anything as whenever I do I always get sidetracked. So till next time Nanoo Nanoo!

27/06/2001 16:04 - SchizoSlayer
DAMN! Okay I'll hold my hands up and say "Sorry!" a month without updating is definatly a very long time. My excuse? Real Life. I got a job and my free time has dropped to nil. But I'm not closing! Ooooo No. I'll damn well make time for this place if it kills me. So for your pleasure I reveal unto you an update! YAY!

First let me introduce the new staff members:
Fallen Angel - Who is running Project Eryn.
Badger Slayer - Who runs Project Custard.
DaBassKing - Who will be writing some more articles for us.

In fact DaBassKing has already written an article on Titan Combat (Wax On, Wax Off) which is up in the articles section. The new projects have been updated with briefings and the first parts of the studies should go up soon. On a side note, could DaBassKing get in touch as I've lost your email address.

More to come. I promise. Please don't string me up.