Tips & Tricks: Creature Growth

The tips and tricks below are only good if you at first concentrate on creature growth alone, then once your creature is grown you should continue on with the training process such as teach your creature when to eat and do miracles.

Maps ideal for growing your creature are the Kilroy's training grounds and the night version of Kilroy's training grounds, which can be found here.

Growth Tips
-Grow your creature on an all-night map. If your creature isn't eating or drinking then it should be sleeping in the creature pen.

- Keep your creature's fat percentage above 50%

-Keep your creature in the creature pen at all times except when drinking, since your creature's growth rate almost doubles when it's inside the pen.

-Feed your creature the purple speckled mushrooms pictured above, since they boost the growth rate of your creature. Don't be shy about feeding your creature only mushrooms when he's not full grown.


-Don't let your creature's tiredness go over 50%. It shouldn't even go above 15% if you follow the first tip.

- Press alt+2 to speed up the game i.e. speeding up the time of the game.

- Don't let your creature get thirsty, it's okay if your creature is horridly obese though.

-Don't think about teaching your creature anything at first, just focus on growing him first, since doing the latter will slow his growth down.

Growth Tricks
not tested by dockside

These tricks are widely used, but can also lead to bad things game-wise so if something happens don't say I didn't warn you.

-Leash your creature inside the creature pen and trap him inside by putting large rocks in front of the entrance. Make sure that your creature doesn't know any aggressive miracles. Then press alt+2 and leave the game on overnight. Viola! In the morning you'll have a huge creature.

Dockside full-grown by the age of 21.

-You know when your creature has reached full height when his negative growth value is near -89. You can find the negative growth height while your creature is in the creature pen, look under creature growth in stats.

Tips & Tricks: Teaching Megablast and Megablast Increase

All tips and tricks showed below can work for most miracles, not just megablast and megablast increase.

It's best to apply these tricks in a playground such as Kilroys. You can download playgrounds here.

Teaching Megablast the Lazy Way

This trick only works if your creature has never seen an aggressive miracle, including the storm miracle.

Show your creature the megablast miracle. Make sure that a lightbulb appears on the top of his head. This shows that your creature is familiar with the megablast miracle. It doesn't matter what percentage your creature knows.

Next trap your creature inside the creature pen. Do this by blocking the entrance of the creature pen with rocks. Make sure that your creature can't get out or the trick won't work.

Once trapped your creature will try to get out of the creature pen. He'll do this by trying to blast his way out, however he doesn't know megablast enough to cast it. Thus your creature will practice and practice megablast, until he knows it. Enabling him to escape from the creature pen.

If you track his progress you can see that the percentage of his knowing megablast will slowly rise until he knows it 100%, with only you having shown him megablast once! However just make sure that you feed your creature in the pen so that the poor bloke doesn't faint while trying to get out of the creature pen.

Teaching Megablast Increase in 10 Minutes

You can use this trick for any miracle, but it only makes sense in using this trick for high end miracles such as megablast increase, fireball extreme, and lightening extreme.

For this trick you'll need the following things a creature changer and the leopard unlocked from the in-game creature changer man located in land 1 & 4.

Show your creature the megablast increase at least once. Make sure the lightbulb above his head shows up.

Next go to the man, thats asks you if you want to change your creature. Change your creature into a

leopard. Once the change is done press esc then select start skirmish game in the menu. Alt+tab out of the game and fire up your creature changer. Then in the creature changer change your creature from a leopard into an ape.

Go back into the game and you should be in the skirmish game menu. Go back out of the skirmish game menu to get back to your original game. Resume your game and in the game tell the creature changer man to change your ape back to a leopard. Keep on repeating the above instructions.

As you switch back and forth from a leopard to an ape the percentage of how much your creature knows megablast increase will continue to rise, untill your creature knows it.

Why does this trick work you ask? Well figure it out! Here I'll give you a hint . . . when you change your creature in the game your creature retains all of its miracle knowledge. Now when you change your creature using a creature changer program your creature either retains or loses a percentage of its' miracle knowledge; depending if you switch to a smarter or dumber creature. Take it from there my fellow brainiac.

Chaos985's FAQ
To screwing up your game & getting some awesome effects along the way

CF Disclaimer: Chaos985's FAQ was posted in the BwBoards and reposted here. CF has not tested the methods recommended or explained in the FAQ. Tweak at your own risk. This FAQ has not been edited and is posted in its entirety.

Cheap & Easy Creature

Now the first thing I wanna establish is that my ass is lazy and doing this much is a stretch for me.

Make a backup before you try ANY of this. If you have the room you may even consider making a complete copy of B&W on your comp.

Also I recommend the Ape. The only reason most people start with the tiger is for the Growth rate. IF you grow it super fast like this, there is no point. So go for intellegence. Also a really big stupid tiger is bad to have wondering around...

The first thing we are gonna try is making your creature really strong. I recomend doing this on level one.

First type this is:

C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\Black & White\Profiles\_C_h_a_o_s\Saved Games\20

Chage _C_h_a_o_s to your name with each chacter divided with "_"s

now looking at the files we see several named "SavedCreature#"

if you try to open it with note pad you will see the name of the creature that it is of you cant read anything else. so lets say that SavedCreature0 is your creature and SavedCreature1 says Guide on level one...

Switch the names.

it will switch alot of the stats of the two creatures but not their mind. For those of you who have seen kong, it switches those stats i think.

Send Results to who ever is hosting this. Hopefully they will be kind enough to post them.

Cool Temple

The worlds Coolest Temple.
Like the spikes but hate the color? Want a black temple that is shaped good?
Read on.


i cannot be held responsible if you dont back them up and F**k up your game.

ok here is how to have your temple look cool. When i did this i was an EVIL god at the time. i was board when i found this folder.

C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios Ltd\Black & White\Data\Citadel\OutsideMeshes

soo looking through it i found three sets of files

evil0.16B neutral0.16B good0.16B
evil1.16B neutral1.16B good1.16B
evil2.16B neutral2.16B good2.16B
evil3.16B neutral3.16B good3.16B

well if we were to rename all the files to good and visa-versa evil temples would look good and good would look evil. which while cool is not nearly as cool as what im gonna do.

Rename evil0 to good0 and evil1 to good1

rename good0 to evil0 and good1 to evil1

Leave the rest alone.

Now if you put the above files in the same order they would look like this

good0.16 neutral0.16B evil0.16B
good1.16B neutral1.16B evil1.16B
evil2.16B neutral2.16B good2.16B
evil3.16B neutral3.16B good3.16B

BUT WAIT, you cry ive only switched have the files!!!

No worries start up the game like that. files 0 and 1 seem to be primarly the colors.

I was evil at the time, and my temple was glowing white with spikes. When i get a chance i will add some pics.


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