Creature Minds

The creatures Bio is rated by my (Gooda’s) experience in viewing creature combat within the world of Black and White. Some creatures that are submitted without information on the creature type would be tested as the popular fighting creature type Tiger.
Submissions that are under growth or even at the brand new creature stage will remain un-tested. However, half grown or potential creatures might be tested by setting its size the same as the opponent.

The concept on rating is to observe its reactions based on my personal experience, but not on depending on victory of the test combats.

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Chaos Child

Attacking range- Med to close
Procession- High
Blocking- Effective and steady.
Reaction- Fast reaction to create effective blocking flow by fast post block attack as well as good range finding reaction.
Level- Med to high.

BBoC Jumbo

Attacking Range- Med
Dogging- Little back and forth
Block- Some
Reaction- Med, with some combo after a strike is landed.

Level- Low

Dark Flame

Level- Intermediate
Behavior- This is an evil creature so be wary of it's abilities to cast miracles

Note- This mind was obtained in an EMF trainer map.

David 1

Attacking range- Med
Procession- Some
Blocking- Little
Reaction- Slow
Level- Low
Note: This is the same creature as David2Creature but as the evil version, however no changes in fighting ability.

David 2

Attacking range- Med
Procession- Some
Blocking- Little
Reaction- Slow
Level- Low

David 3

Attacking range balanced
Procession- High
Blocking- Some.
Reaction- quick on close range attack.
Level- Med.


Level- Intermediate
Behavior- He will attack your village/temple. Be wary.

Note- This mind was obtained in an EMF training map.


Level- Beginner
Behavior- A docile creature.


Attacking Range- Med to Short
Dogging- none
Block- Little
Reaction: Fast, and might lead to walking back and fore due to range search

Golden Chicken

Attacking Rage- Short
Procession- Very Low
Blocking- Plenty
Dogging- Back and forth.
Reaction- Slow.

Jack Lemmon

Procession- High, but with some pausing
Attacking Range- Med
Blocking- Plenty, which causes plenty of fake hand.
Dogging- Some side steps.
Reaction- Quick range finder with side steps, with frontal kick at close distance.


Attacking Range Med to Close, fav on flip kick.
Procession- Med and according.
Dogging- good combination of foot work in all directions.
Blocking, often, with some fake hands.
Reaction, fast and but sometimes slower due the habits of clever stepping.
Note: an example of good creature using a variety of foot work combined with good reaction on attacking.


Attacking Range- Short
Procession- Low
Blocking- Some, some fake hand.
Dogging- Back and forward stepping.
Reaction- Slow range finder.

Level- Low


Attacking Range Med
Procession- High
Dogging- accordingly- some swings.
Blocking- accordingly.
Reaction- Very fast at med range attack as well as consistent.
Note: An angelic creature that enclosed with fast attacks.


Attacking Range- Med to close
Procession- Full
Dogging- Almost none to Very Little
Blocking- very little
Reaction- Fast
Level- High
Note: Due to full procession, the creature tends to walk towards to the target, forced itself on close range attacks. Khoros was born as a tiger and its abatable as both Zebra as well as tiger.


Attacking Range- Med
Dogging- Little, with clever side step to find range.
Block- Quite a bit with good fake hand and some accuracy.
Level- Med/Advanced
Reaction- Quick range finder, with some occasion “step lock”.


Attacking Range Med
Procession High
Dogging- some, with good fast forward and backward stepping.
Blocking- Accordingly.
Reaction- Very Fast in finding range.
Level- High and is encouraged to trained with from med level development.


Attacking Range-Med to close
Dogging- very little
Blocking plenty.
Reaction- occasion good reaction on post-block attack
Level high med level.

Mr. Cow

Attacking Range Close
Dogging- Plenty of walking back and fore and swing side ways.
Block- Some
Reaction- Slow
Level- Low
Note: Mrcow is tested as a sheep as well as a tiger to conclude the result above.


Attacking Range- Med to short, fav in Flip Kicks.
Procession-Med to strong
Dogging- According with effective combination with blocking
Block- According
Reaction fast, good range finder after blocking. Position.
Level- Med
Note: Razor is an interesting creature mind that is balanced with all aspect of fighting instincts such as blocking dogging and attacking. However, due to the delay while blocking, the lacking of attacks result in Med procession of the fight.

Saber Tooth

Attacking Range- Med
Dogging-Very little
Block- Accurate sometimes with fake hand
Reaction- Fast.
Level- Med


Attacking Range- Short
Dogging- Very little
Block- Some
Level- Advanced
Behavior- Be wary he attacks temples if left to his own vices.


Attacking range- Long
Procession- Low to Med
Dogging- walking back and forth quite a lot.
Block- Med, with “Fake Hand”.
Level- Med
Reaction: Med, choosing between long range to short range causes delays.


Attacking Range- Short
Procession- Passive to Med
Dogging- Back and forth steps
Block- Plenty
Reaction- Med with some fast attack when in range after blocking position
Level- Low to Med

Note: An angelic small-half grown creature

Silent Bob

Attacking Range- Med to Short
Dogging- Little
Block- Some
Level- Advanced
Behavior- This mind knows megablast increase be wary especially in the survivor map.

Note: SilentBob is a more stable attacker while the Leash of agression is on.

TJ Mind

Level- Intermediate

Note- This mind was obtained in an EMF training map.

Xzift's Dog

Attacking Range- Med to Short
Procession- Med to Full
Dogging- Some
Block- Some
Level- Advanced
Behavior- This mind will attack your temple when it has a chance.


Level- Beginner
Behavior- Never attacks unless forced to and dances and amuses himself periodically.

Note- Not full-grown. He is better used for mappers who are looking for a docile creature in a non-creature battle orientated map.


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