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Just dropping in to inform you about creature foods future events,
Zenith hopes to be updating the skin page soon with brand new skins made by yours truly and a few friends of mine.

Why not send in your own?

Seen that im new and all, the rest of the staff might not agree about most of my dumbass ideas but sure what the heck, Zenith trusts me so I’ll do my best! And she says she will leash her creature too me if not!

I hope to, write new articles for the site and have creature food hosting a lot more downloads. Hopefully I will also be doing a weekly update of the site… wish me luck!



Welcome one and all to the brand spanking new Creaturefood.
I hope you are all pleased with the changes and content.

I have tryed my best to keep the content to the best of my knowlege the way you like it. Also to mark the start of the all new Creaturefood i have added a little shout box for you all to post your oppinions or just shout a big hello!

Well i would like to start by saying a big hello myself and a big thankyou to athena for giving me this site also i would like to shout out to the new Creaturefood and the new year!

Gosh its like i'v won an MTV award!

HAPPY 2003!!!



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