Program Cheats

These programs I have found at Cache Cheats made by none other Cache himself. Now stay tuned for a lil disclaimer. . .

Lionhead Studios or EA does not license the software below. The software below is to be used at your own risk! The programmer cannot be held responsible for any defects or problems that may occur. By downloading this software, you agree to this.

That said and done. Enjoy!

Cache Pack X

A zipped pack of goodies containing all the program cheats available. For documentation of the cheat programs included in this zip go here.


Cache Pack X Update

An update to the Cache Pack X. Also includes a new program called the creature teacher.


Tyke Aligner [BETA VERSION] ver. 1.0.3 Updated

This nifty program changes the alignment of your tyke. It's a beta version so use at your own risk.


To make your Black & White life much easier.

A must have for anyone. BwBackup backs up all your profiles and creature minds. So in the event of formatting your computer and losing your creature in the process you have this handy dandy program to bring Little Fluffy back home. Personally this program has saved me grief time and again.


GCS grab clip save

A handy program for taking quick pictures during games and other things. Just open GCS press print screen to capture a pic and automatically GCS converts and saves your image to an easy to handle jpeg. Not to mention all of the Black & White snapshots on this site was taken by GCS.


Tattoo Manager
Why manually rename each custom tattoo and drop in your profile when you can have a proggy do it for you? This proggy makes it so much easier to install tatoos that I want to worship it day and night.


Scar Remover
Want to get rid of those ugly scars that your creature has? Then this will definately do the dirty deed and keep the scars away for good.



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